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Darwin Ports when OS X Idiosyncracies Get You Down

I started using Darwin Ports when tools like hping3 and ctags didn’t work quite right on OS X. For example, the berkeley packet filter on OS X is totally different from the one on Linux, so hping3 wouldn’t compile correctly. Also, ctags in OS X doesn’t have the -R flag for recursion.

With Darwin Ports, I can install libraries and executables that don’t work quite right on OS X but work great on Linux.

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SubEthaEdit for Linux?

SubEthaEdit is a fun editor that links coders via OS X’s chat. You and your friends can see each other’s cursor in the editor and edit accordingly. From a management perspective, it’s quite satisfying to see your coders collaborate on the same tough problem that crops up and you have to have everyone talk about it.

pic of subethaedit

Dear Lazy Web,

I have two questions:

Is there a SubEthaEdit for Linux?

What collaborative technologies do you use for coding?


PS I use eclipse, svn, pastebin, IM, IRC, and sometimes ventrilo. I would love to just use SubEthaEdit though.