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Weening Myself Off of Eclipse PDT

I really just want to stick with Vim, and Vim is really making that sort of commitment easy because of technology I talked about in my last post, as well as learning how to use subversion just from the command-line.

Today I learned how to:

  • create folds in Vim with a split view so that I can get perspectives similar to Eclipse’s object explorer. (There’s a great folds tutorialon
  • merge by just using subversion on the command-line

Tomorrow I’m gonna learn about:

  • Using ant at the command-line
  • Being more adept at file version comparisons, e.g. (svn diff)

Have you weened yourself off of an IDE? And if so, what do you now use for text editing?

How-To WebApps

Ctags and Code Completion in Vim 7.2

At work we switched the whole dev team over to using Eclipse. I still haven’t gotten used to all the point and click crap on it, but really admire the use of code completion and ctags.

When I saw that Vim had these, I’ve upgraded and now use ctags and code completion from Vim.

To get code completion, I type out the little bit I know and then type ctrl-o and ctrl-x:

pic of code completion in vim

To get ctags working, I installed it using sudo apt-get install ctags and then at the root of all my php files I typed:

ctags -R .

This generated a tags file.

Now when I open any file and have the cursor over a function or class, I just type ctrl-] and the file containing the class or function opens up.