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Stack Overflow Answers Your Hardest Tech Questions

From Jeff Atwood, the blogger who gives you Coding Horror, your hardest tech questions get answered at Stack Overflow. I wanted to see if somebody had coded a way to edit text fields in Vim, and bam, there was the answer.

picture of stack overflow
The idea behind Stack Overflow is that the collective wisdom of technologists will always be better than the experts.

So far it has surpassed my expectations on the quality, obscurity, and speed at which tech questions get answered.

Will entropy, otherwise known as spam, kill this site? Or is its reputation system good enough to prevent that?

Has anybody stumped Stack Overflow yet?

As always, your comments are very welcome.

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Warcraft: Why Do People Need What They Greed?

I caught 2008s infamous SxSW bug. While I was sick I medicated myself with lots of carrot juice, orange juice, and WoW, a really fun MMO, where I played a Tauren Warrior.

While adventuring and tanking for the first time in RFC, my crew of 5 people ran into a problem.

Poth, a paladin, rolled need on a Robe of Evocation.

This shocked me because paladins almost always wear mail armor, and I’d never seen a paladin wear cloth before.

Sisterjohn rolled need, too, and happens to be a cloth wearing mage.

The following argument ensued:

I had to give my 2 cents.

Then Poth came up with an interesting point that I’ll later show to be a lie. He says, “Show me healing gear at this low level and I will :-)” The irony is that if you look at his gear now, it’s not at all a healing specific chest piece, but the Robe of Arugal.

Here’s the shocker of a profile:

Is Poth greedy? Is he a ninja? Or in the interest of leveling a Paladin in an interesting way did he really need that gear?