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Another Hackday Update: PHP unserialize doesn’t quite do it

Wow, I had to use someone’s custom unserialize code because PHP’s unserialize doesn’t quite work multi-byte strings. 🙁 Time wasted: 3 hours.

Here’s the function:

function mb_unserialize($serial_str) {
$out = preg_replace(‘!s:(\d+):”(.*?)”;!se’, ‘”s:”.strlen(“$2″).”:\”$2\”;”‘, $serial_str);
return unserialize($out);
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Update on the WordPress Dev2Live Hackday

I know the bare minimum of what has to change in a WordPress install. Code that gets me the tables, and shows me the serializeable data in WordPress’ option settings is done.

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A WordPress Hackday

Today, I’m going to explore looking for a solution for staging WordPress from a development environment to a production one. I’ll be posting throughout the day as “hacks” become available.

The main issue is changing serialized dev data into production data.

I’ll be in #wpdev2live .

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Gearing Up For HackDay At Yahoo on September 12th

picture of hackday at yahoo

I just signed up for HackDay at Yahoo, which will bring together a lot of cool people in the industry.

I’m hoping to just spend the day and talk to folks about what’s inspiring them lately.

Comment below if you’re going. Also share with me and the folks commenting what you’re hoping to solve or build.