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Advice for Middle Management

Your team will sabotage your career worse than any other nemesis at work, if you let them.

Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your company from sabotage:

Who’s popular? Yeah, I know. It sounds like highschool, but like then it’s still in important and socially real factor that’s now kept track of on social media sites.

What is your team’s weakness as perceived by those outside? By the team itself? A good manager can appease the two.

Whose skills are the most respected? Yup you have to get along with this douchebag, if she or he is one. Just create enough space between the two of you.

Any others?


What’s the Oldest Program You Have That You Wrote?

The oldest piece of code I have that I wrote is a text-based poker program.

Here’s a screenshot:

Picture of a text-based poker game

I wrote it for my first college computer programming class in 1995.

To use the code on a unix machine:
tar zxvf Poker-1.0.tar.gz
cd poker-1.0

What’s the oldest program you have that you wrote?