iPhone 4 beats iPhone 3G in 3 ways

I got an iPhone 4 this weekend, and have been so happy with it. Here are the 3 reasons why:

  • It is so much faster, 100 times faster on google maps. Apps that I stopped using because of the iOS 4 upgrade slowdown, I can now use again without issue.
  • It takes great pictures and records HD video. You get 5 megapixels which is just 1 megapixel shy of a 3 year old Canon Elph.
  • I think FaceTime is the bomb.

I am a bit bummed that I had to upgrade. The inconvenience makes Android look more attractive.

But if you’re still on 3G, I totally recommend the iPhone 4.

iphone wordpress

Testing Out The WordPress iPhone App

I’m driving from LA to San Francisco today. I’m trying out the WordPress iPhone app to see how much it differs from the Desktop experience.

WebApps wordpress

Testing the iPhone WordPress App

Just typing this from my iPhone. It works really sweet & is full of win.

command-line sysadmin WebApps

Doing Sysadmin on the iPhone

For checking up on sites in the enterprise, I use Alertsite. It was suggested to me by a VP I work with at McCann, Ed Recinto. It’s been a great tool.

For personal websites that I manage, I’ve been using something I rolled in newLISP, sitebeagle. Why? Because beagles are great watchdogs.

Very often, most problems can be solved with tweaking code, changing permissions, or upgrading and apache or mysql.

Very often, it’s the weekend, I’m sitting in a cafe, and get an alert from Nagios or Alertsite. With iSSH, on the iPhone, I can ssh into a LAMP server and do the work I need.

I can see things getting a bit more complex. What tools do you use to sysadmin from an iPhone?

green How-To

3 Ways to Green Your Office

These 3 steps can easily green your office:

1) Restrict your paper usage. Ya, I still use notebook paper, but I didn’t use the printer to print out a single sheet of paper in September. September should be “No Printing Month”. 😀

2) Buy carbon credits. Your servers, laptops, electronic gadgets, cars or buses carbon emissions can be offset through carbon credits. A site like myclimate might spend the money on algae in the sea for more oxygen.

3) Go Solar! With the Solio Charger for your iPhone, or solar backpacks from Voltaic Systems, you don’t ever have to plug into the grid again… as far as computing goes.