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Google doesn’t like Word Press Pages

I put my hCard in my “About Codebelay Blog” pages, and noticed that doing a search on hcard-barce which is the DOM ID for my hCard returned 1 result. That one result was wrong.

I checked my logs for any signs that Google hit page_id=2 and to my surprise, Google didn’t crawl that page at all. In fact none of the major search engines except for PDF Bot hit it.

Is there a way to make my Word Press page with page_id in the URL more visible to search engines?


A Google Trends for Twitter: Twitterverse

If you’re wondering what the twitterverse is thinking about, look no further than twitterverse.

It’s like the Google Trends page, except it’s just for twitter and does only a one word view, or a two word view, and just goes back 10 hours max.