2008 Favorites

These things were just my absolute favorite in 2008.

  • Github – Do you want to see nice graphs about your current coding project? Do you want to invite friends to code with you? As a consultant, there wasn’t a major client that I didn’t use Github for this year.
  • The iPhone 3G – Thank you, thank you, Michael Parekh for saying that it’s the computer of the future and that you shouldn’t be developing for the web without it in mind.
  • Grokking what Gearman is about.
  • The SxSW gloves schwag. Ya, it was warm and rainy when passed these out but it was so good in the fall and winter!
  • Katy Perry’s song “Hot N Cold

Katy Perry on the Warped Tour

What were your favorites of 2008?

sxsw2008 TechBiz

Day 4 Vlog of SxSW 2008


Jakob Heuser, Gordon Luk on selling Upcoming to Yahoo, Sarah Cooper on Polyvore, Nikhil Bobb and Natalie Villalobos share secrets after the Post Secret Keynote, An Austenite on What He Thinks About SxSW

sxsw2008 TechBiz

Day 2 Vlog of SxSW 2008

Breakups 2.0 – Can we make technology that will ease the pain of a breakup?

SxSW 2008 Day 2 - Joey Hardy

sxsw2008 TechBiz

Day 1 Vlog of SxSW 2008

Did you know that bacon is an emotion?

SxSW2008 Day 1

Here are some quick clips from:
1) John Vars, co-founder of
2) Ted Rheingold, co-founder and Top Dog of
3) Jakob Heuser, lead developer at

Announcements TechBiz

Byte Size Gossip At SxSW

Right now, I’m in a room listening to LisaNova talk about how to quit your day job and vlog, and am watching a Zadi Diaz video, Epic Fu.

It’s day 2 of my stay in Austin, TX for the SxSW festival, and here’s a quick recap:

1) Anil Dash won Battledeck II, a parody of corporate pitches contest. His megalomaniac comment, “Give me the applause I deserve,” and his ability to not read the slides got a lot of laughs.

2) The Valleywag crew was hanging out in the back of the Battledeck II audience.

3) The Laughing Squid party changed from the Gingerbread to Six to the confusion of many.