TechBiz WebApps Hijacks @memcached on Twitter

By taking the @memcached username on Twitter, has engaged in identity theft. Yes, someone call the police now.

I’m pretty sure this is one of those posts that won’t make anyone happy.

Let me first start off with what is meant by identity theft. Wikipedia provides a pretty solid, working definition. If you disagree with it, then I’m curious as to why and how, but for this discussion, I’m using it to prove a point.

“Identity theft is a crime used to refer to fraud that involves someone pretending to be someone else in order to steal money or get other benefits.”

For example, if I walked around telling people I’m Chow Yun Fat while flashing a fake ID that says Chow Yun Fat, and I say, “Let me into this party. Wasn’t Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon an awesome film?” then I’m stealing Chow Yun Fat’s identity. There is no way he’d say, “It’s cool, go ahead and pretend to be me.”

Let’s take a look at @memcached on Twitter.

First off, having the url, , is like having a business card. A business card cannot be used to legally establish identity, but it strongly suggests an identity.

In this case, I would expect that is someone, or a group of persons working on the memcached open source project.

Let’s say I go to the url for the memcached twitter account.

What do I see?

@bdeshong How are you liking the new changes in 1.3.2? Digging the new stats?

I see a few posts of @memcached pretending to be a member of the memcache open source coding team just like some dude pretending to be Chow Yun Fat at a party.

And here’s bdeshong thinking he’s talking to memcache:

@memcached Haven’t had a chance to spend any time with it just yet. In the next week or two, though…

There are other examples where they announce releases of memcache as if they were the memcached development team.

This is the equivalent of me signing up with the @twitter account and announcing based on the twitter blog that twitter has released new code.

Now they’re clearly pretending to be someone else, but are they doing it for stealing money? Getting other benefits? Well, no money has changed hands here. There are just a lot of confused people, but confusing folks isn’t a crime.

Are they getting benefits?

Yes! In the Internet age attention equals money in terms of pageviews. They are definitely getting the benefit of the advertising garnered through the memcached name!

This sort of reverse-swiftboating where the stolen, good name of an open source software project is used to prop up business interests. I really do believe that building scalable websites is a good business model, but please don’t steal names that represent reputations you haven’t earned.

I ask @ev and the folks at Twitter to please take away @memcached from and give it to the *real* memcached community.

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Hi Jim.

Gear6 is officially just launching today, but we are committed to working with memcached community. A few examples can be found here:

We are meeting with a few memcached committers on Wednesday at the MySQL Conference to discuss the @memcached Twitter feed.


Bret Clement

Hey that’s great. Did you make sure you got ? It would really suck if somebody took it and turned it into a pr0n feed.

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