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3 Ways to Green Your Office

These 3 steps can easily green your office:

1) Restrict your paper usage. Ya, I still use notebook paper, but I didn’t use the printer to print out a single sheet of paper in September. September should be “No Printing Month”. 😀

2) Buy carbon credits. Your servers, laptops, electronic gadgets, cars or buses carbon emissions can be offset through carbon credits. A site like myclimate might spend the money on algae in the sea for more oxygen.

3) Go Solar! With the Solio Charger for your iPhone, or solar backpacks from Voltaic Systems, you don’t ever have to plug into the grid again… as far as computing goes.


Free WiFi in San Francisco through Meraki

Meraki hopes to cover San Francisco in a sea of Free Wifi.

If you take a look at their map, you can see that they’ve got a good bit of coverage in San Francisco.

Look for the “Free the Net” SSID to hook up.

I really like the fact that they are looking into solar for their routers.

Green Solar Router

Thanks to Leef for this info.