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No Facebook or Twitter for a Week

What could go wrong?

The Bad:

  1. Work now requires me to put into my timesheet how long I take for lunch.
  2. I missed an appointment on Thursday that was in my facebook events
  3. I missed wishing @angmoore Happy Birthday on her Birthday. Happy Birthday, Ang!
  4. I missed the Flickr Party which was in my facebook events
  5. There’s a lot of side work that I missed from It’s really a great tool for finding work.
  6. I explained to some folks why I hadn’t approved their friend requests or follows in person. That led to interesting conversations.

The Good:

  1. I felt a lot more focused
  2. There is a shared illusion of connectedness that can prevent you from achieving your dreams. I won’t let that happen to me.
  3. I avoided making any embarrassing statements, grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes
  4. I enjoyed really focusing on people physically close to me.

Nuggets of Wisdom:

  1. I didn’t miss twittering unless I was at a party or bar where I didn’t know anyone.
  2. Twitter’s search is Foucault’s panopticon.
  3. It’s what you don’t do on Facebook that gets you hired.

One reply on “No Facebook or Twitter for a Week”

I’ve found Twitter and Facebook create a false sense of closeness and connectedness. You communicate with a lot of people, but it’s all very superficial and impersonal – it’s easy to neglect meaningful, one-on-one interactions with people if you spend too much time on Twitter & Facebook. You feel like you’ve already done lots of socializing, but you never really connected with anyone in a way that matters.

Beyond neglecting your dreams, it’s easy to neglect your relationships, even though you might feel that you’ve been giving people more attention.

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