sxsw2008 TechBiz

Cool Links from SxSWi 2008

Location Based Interactive Sites for both Mobile and Web:

  • Plundr – the area code based, mobile phone, pirate game
  • Socialight – leave geographic-based post-it notes using your phone.

Sites with great Community Managers:

Partition Your Tables with  HiveDB

sxsw2008 TechBiz

Day 4 Vlog of SxSW 2008


Jakob Heuser, Gordon Luk on selling Upcoming to Yahoo, Sarah Cooper on Polyvore, Nikhil Bobb and Natalie Villalobos share secrets after the Post Secret Keynote, An Austenite on What He Thinks About SxSW

sxsw2008 TechBiz

Day 3 Vlog of SxSW 2008

Are you Internet Famous?

  • Alice Marwick on status in her “I’m Internet Famous” core conversation.
  • Eric Nakagawa on icanhascheezburger as a project for becoming part of the Web 2.0 crowd

Tomorrow: Scalability Bootcamp, How to Party on a Monday, and Why didn’t you go to any panels at all?

sxsw2008 TechBiz

Day 2 Vlog of SxSW 2008

Breakups 2.0 – Can we make technology that will ease the pain of a breakup?

SxSW 2008 Day 2 - Joey Hardy

sxsw2008 TechBiz

Day 1 Vlog of SxSW 2008

Did you know that bacon is an emotion?

SxSW2008 Day 1

Here are some quick clips from:
1) John Vars, co-founder of
2) Ted Rheingold, co-founder and Top Dog of
3) Jakob Heuser, lead developer at