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Warcraft: Why Do People Need What They Greed?

I caught 2008s infamous SxSW bug. While I was sick I medicated myself with lots of carrot juice, orange juice, and WoW, a really fun MMO, where I played a Tauren Warrior.

While adventuring and tanking for the first time in RFC, my crew of 5 people ran into a problem.

Poth, a paladin, rolled need on a Robe of Evocation.

This shocked me because paladins almost always wear mail armor, and I’d never seen a paladin wear cloth before.

Sisterjohn rolled need, too, and happens to be a cloth wearing mage.

The following argument ensued:

I had to give my 2 cents.

Then Poth came up with an interesting point that I’ll later show to be a lie. He says, “Show me healing gear at this low level and I will :-)” The irony is that if you look at his gear now, it’s not at all a healing specific chest piece, but the Robe of Arugal.

Here’s the shocker of a profile:

Is Poth greedy? Is he a ninja? Or in the interest of leveling a Paladin in an interesting way did he really need that gear?