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Darwin Ports when OS X Idiosyncracies Get You Down

I started using Darwin Ports when tools like hping3 and ctags didn’t work quite right on OS X. For example, the berkeley packet filter on OS X is totally different from the one on Linux, so hping3 wouldn’t compile correctly. Also, ctags in OS X doesn’t have the -R flag for recursion.

With Darwin Ports, I can install libraries and executables that don’t work quite right on OS X but work great on Linux.

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Saving Time on Subversion Merging: svn merge Manually

I just ran a benchmark on merging files using Eclipse which then calls subversion and running subversion manually on a 28MB repository.

The results are interesting.

svn merge destination_url@HEAD source_url@HEAD destination_folder

took exactly 7 minutes

Using a subversion merge in eclipse on the same repo and revision took 10 minutes.

Take away: use svn merge on the command-line.

Ya, I’d love to go back to using git.