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How to Triple Your Site Traffic with the 3 Keys of an SEO Blog Post

My website traffic tripled yesterday!

Once again the 3 keys are:
1. Use adwords to tell you which words are expensive.
2. Use the expensive adwords in your post. In this case, “make money with adsense,” is worth $1.50 per click.
3. Blast your social network using something like .

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The 3 Keys to a Blog Post with SEO

According to SEO companies like VICTORIOUS, page speed is an essential ranking factor for all websites. So, on how fast your web pages load, will determine how high your SERP rankings will be on Google. Again, here you need to make sure that your web hosting provider isn’t bottlenecking your website where it matters, negatively impacting your SEO efforts. If you need a good hosting service to increase your website speed, you might want to check these wordpress hosting company plans.

This is just an Seo packages for small businesses experiment on how to make money with adsense.

I created a google ad words campaign focusing on what one does to start a blog and make money:

You do not need to know how to create blog software. You should learn more about SEO and its importance before you create your blog as this will help you with customer traffic.

The three keys are:

  1. Sign up for AdWords and create an adwords campaign. Do not run the campaign unless you really want to drive traffic to your site and pay for that. You only want to know which adwords are expensive which means those adwords get searched lots.
  2. Use all the adwords in your blog post. If you look above you’ll see that I did as close to that as I could
  3. Use to blast your entire social network with your blog post.

Does it work?

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I publish the results here.

Update on August 20, 2010: I tripled my site traffic just by doing those 3 things above yesterday!