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The Worst Excuse For Not Iterating Quickly: It will break production

I’ve got news for you. Production is already broken. There are already 300 bugs and 100,000 or so users with a shitty experience that are considered “edge cases.”

By not allowing me root access, or the complete access I need to get stuff done;
by putting in a process that is merely there for the comfort of managers;
by not understanding that I’m trading code quality for quality UX;
you’ve doomed our project to mediocrity.

Ya, you insist that we have to have a process in place because we can’t afford to “break things” anymore. Has it occurred to you that we can’t can’t afford to break things so that we can learn and work faster and better?

When you make us work long weekends and put us through death marches, you are merely reducing developer productivity.

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