A week without coffee and Facebook

I’ve quit 2 things that I really love, coffee and Facebook.

I thought about my life and how much my imagination outstrips my pocketbook. What I’ve found is that I’ve gotta stop giving Mark my data.

Here’s what I learned about quitting Facebook, and coffee.

  • There’s a bit of a hangover the first few days.
  • On Facebook some folks thought I killed myself or was in jail.
  • Unlike coffee, Facebook has ever more subtle ways of tempting you back.

Here’s how Facebook tempts you back:

  • E-mails saying that your friends miss you. And they highlight “friends” you only met once at a conference in 2006.
  • If you subscribed to mobile updates, you are not unsubscribed. You still get status updates. You have to shut this off.
  • In real life, very few friends will tolerate having to send you a “special invite,” to events.

The last bit is the real temptation here, and the real crux of the matter. Do you really want to not get invited to parties anymore. If you are a 23 year old partier who gets 20 to 30 invites per week, this is an issue. If you are wanting to purify yourself in a spiritual wilderness called an urban city of 1.2 million; ya – just cut the facebook.

Personally, I’ve found the benefits to be:

  • Better and stable mood. I don’t get trolled in IRL as much as in Facebook.
  • I don’t have to see what I don’t have all the time.
  • I use the app called “Phone” on my smartphone more.
  • I don’t worry about having to get my next fix.

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