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How Do You Avoid Presentation Disaster?

It’s been a rough few days at work. We got hacked. I had to cancel a lunch with some pals at the Reverie. @alicetiara and @walnotes were gonna be there and everything was set for a pretty convivial conversation and some fun debate.

But the code used for my presentation didn’t work because the machine it was working on wasn’t configured correctly. There might have been an issue with someone overwriting my code, too.

How do you avoid presentation disaster?

For my part, I’m creating a tool called Noobwatcher that:

  • checks the repo for changes every N seconds — because of a high noobage level, I’m gonna check every second
  • the moment that there is an update send the diff to me via IM, email, twitter. Take your pick.
  • check the server configuration files important to my code every N seconds
  • the moment a configuration file changes send the diff to me via IM, email, twitter — might as well use pownce, too.

Have you had to set something like this up? If so, what solution did you use?