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Youtube Censors Won’t Censor Full Length Chic Flicks

Youtube’s censors hate geeks. You can’t watch the Matrix because it’s been removed, but ya, you can jack off all you want to all of Jane Austen’s books turned into movies. To me this is such a joke, but I think there’s an explanation:

You can no longer see a lot of the scenes from the Matrix on youtube:

Youtube hates geeks! No Matrix for you!


If it’s a chic flick like Pride and Prejudice or Persuasion? Guess what – you still can see the whole film in its entirety.


The makers of Merchant Ivory type films see their films on Youtube as advertising… maybe there are a few die hard cultural conservatives who see it as reviving a long-gone era of classism and good manners. The owners of the Matrix, Warner Bros., see films on Youtube as cutting into their profits. They probably hate all the radical lefty politics in it, too.

Can any insiders confirm this?

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Follow up to Full Movies on Youtube

In my last post, I talked about finding full feature length movies on Youtube. The only genre where I can watch a movie from beginning to end is historical fiction. Movies like Elizabeth and Pride and Prejudice are on youtube in their entirety. My only guess for the reason why is this: Historical Fiction movies don’t really make bank, so the studios don’t feel threatened by their “dead” movies being on youtube. Instead they see it as free advertising.

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Full Movies on Youtube?

I’ve noticed that you can view entire movies on Youtube. Can you guess which genre?

I’ll list 5 genres.

sci-fi / fantasy
historical fiction
film noir

I’ll let ya know my findings next week.

Post your responses here.