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How to Get More Instagram Followers Free Honestly

We now know that you can get fake followers and brands won’t know the difference. These brands give tons of money to fakers. We also know that Googling “autolikers” will show us a bunch of apps that can be used to game around 200 followers per day. What does honest engagement look like?

A network graph visualization will easily show fake followers. In Gilad Lotan’s article linked above, more purple means more fake, i.e. accounts that follow exactly 2000 and are followed by less than 20.

Honest engagement *cough* might look something like this chart below which you should please click:


1. If you drop followers are dropped, if you have good content you shouldn’t have mass un-followings. I dropped 449 followers and only lost 30.

2. If you stop adding followers, like I did around November and December, and just focused on engagement through adding photos, about 25 per month, then you can get follower growth.

3. Do you have to post almost everyday? It turns out that if you add 5 followers per day, spend 15 minutes in the morning and evening liking every good photo in your feed, and do 15 photos per month, you can get about 75 followers per week.

These stats aren’t hard and fast rules, but seem to be true for my account.

I’m going to dig in more and get better stats via the API in an upcoming post.

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In Twitter No One Can Hear You Scream

I’ve been wondering if Twitter is useful for mainstream people now that it has gone mainstream.

I used bufferapp on Friday and as an experiment posted a 2 pleas for help. Bufferapp calculates the most opportune times for sending tweets.

It’s been great for driving traffic to my blog but not so great with actual engagement.

Here are the results:

0 Replies
24 clicks

The tagline for the scifi film, Aliens, was “In Space No One Can Hear You Scream.” Twitter is very much like space.

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4 Tools For Blogging on the Go

Great blogging tools make you more efficient. They can also help you drive more traffic to your site.

1 Camera+ brightens up your photos and makes them look so much better. You can share your photos on major social networks.

2 WordPress for the iPhone is a must. I’ve written posts on my iPhone and it’s a great tool. Whatever blogging software you use, make sure you find the one that works with your smart phone!

3 Seesmic for the iPhone allows you to share your blog post created on the go. If you use you can share one blog post on, facebook, myspace, friendster, flickr, tumblr, twitter, and bebo in one status update!

4 Once you’ve posted your message, it’s time to study your Google Analytics. The only iPhone app that does this for me is Analytics Apps. At $6.99 it is pricy, but if you’re on the road lots, it’ll start paying for itself.

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URL Shorteners: and

There’s a pretty useful spreadsheet comparing different URL shorteners here: .

Tinyurl just really shortens your URL and doesn’t provide any other data. A great feature is the preview option that allows you to preview a link so you don’t get Rick-rolled. is my favorite service. The features I like are

  • its API,
  • its analytics, and
  • its Pro feature which allows you to make a branded URL shortener

I wanted to figure out just how much effort it was to code a URL so I coded up my own MVC based on Rasmus’ article on making one in PHP, and added URL shortening code to it. You can get the URL shortener I wrote on Github.

Here are a few things that I noticed once I put this code on

  1. Somebody found a bad, infinite loop that I accidentally put into the code
  2. URL Shortener services that offer analytics have to sort out “bots” from real user clicks, and I’m not sure they are correct 100% of the time
  3. Using CRC32 as my hashing mechanism for shortening URLs will cause a link collision after 65,536 URLs shortened.
  4. is a lame url for a URL shortener which is why I got the next day.
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How To Save Money with Memcache

Jeremiah Owyang twittered, “I’m asking every CEO I meet about their take on the economic downturn.” This is great advice, but I’ve got my own reasons for thinking so, and would like to invite Jeremiah to share his reasons here.

For me, I’ve been talking to different CEOs and telling them the importance of scalable technologies like memcache to save money NOW. I ask CEOs about the economy to hear their concerns and to see for my own business reasons if they’ve implemented memcache on their servers.

The math is really simple. Most social network sites can waste anywhere from 5000 to 10000 seconds per week on slow, un-cached database queries. Assuming the ability to handle around 30 requests per second, many large websites miss out on an additional 150000 to 300000 page views per week. Not to mention that you lose a user for every 30 seconds of wait.

If a busy site with stats above implemented memcache they would have:

  • not lost between 165 and 335 users per week.
  • 150000 to 300000 more page views per week
  • $500 – $1000 more per week on a 100 x 720 skyscraper with the right ctr and ecpm — that’s an additional coder

If you want to see the above savings, feel free to contact me at barce[a t no spam] .

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Come to Next Wednesday’s Web Analytics Mixer at the Supperclub

The next San Francisco Web Analytics Mixer is going to held at the Supperclub in San Francisco next Wednesday, the 2nd of April. RSVP at the Web Analytics Demystified Site.

These events have gotten really classy and you’ll be able to ask your burning questions to the web analytics pros present.

June Dershewitz and David Rogers (Email)
Wednesday, April 02, 2008 at 6:00 PM
657 Harrison St, San Francisco CA

(Venue | Map | Group)

Event sponsored by BizRate