Amazon EC2 in the Enterprise

by barce on August 27, 2009

This is just a quick summary of what it was like implementing Amazon’s EC2 in an enterprise environment.

1. You’ll need to write your own LDAP plug-ins to interface with any access control lists. E.G. where I work WordPress is used for corporate communications so an LDAP plug-in had to be written to make sure the right people saw the right information.

2. Migration can be expensive if you’re using EBS on the first go. On windows, and I’m not sure why, it can cost about $50 to migrate 2GB of data into EBS. In linux, it happens at a fraction of that cost and as advertised.

3. Windows can be very expensive. Although they say it’s 12 cents per hour per small instance beware of hidden costs like authentication services and SQL server. With both, you are using a server at the cost of $1.35 / hour, which IMHO could be run cheaper with just a small linux instance and do the same thing at 10 cents per hour.

I’m pretty sure that with the right Amazon EC2 set up you could run a cluster of servers for a Fortune 500 company for under $1000.00 (one thousand dollars) per month without the CapEX costs associated with new hardware.

If you have any more questions about Amazon EC2 in the enterprise I’d be happy to answer them. Please ask them in the comments below.

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