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Google Adwords: A Great Trend Spotter

I initially put up Google Adwords to bring more traffic to this blog.

What’s interesting with using Google Adwords is that you get to bid on certain key words. 3 months later I’m noticing that a few word phrases have gone up in price:
Google Adwords, a great trending spotter

It’s a great sign that the phrase, “newlisp webserver,” has gone up 400%. It’s definitely a sign that more people are taking a commercial interest in newlisp as a serious web server. I’ve wrote about how newlisp is the fastest way to get onto the Internet before, and it still continues to be the fastest.

What’s also interesting is seeing that ec2 and lamp are still pretty stale.

The big take away is that you can use Google Adwords as a trending tool.

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Setting Up a newLISP Webserver

How fast can you get on the web? With newLISP it’s about as fast as typing:

newlisp -http -d 8080 -w /usr/home/www/httpdocs &

How fast can you create a backdoor with newLISP?

newlisp -p 1234 &

If you telnet into port 1234 in localhost, you’ll see something that looks like this:

Connected to localhost.
Escape character is ‘^]’.
newLISP v.10.0.0 on OSX IPv4 UTF-8.


This opens up a lot of possibilities for distributed computing.

For example, you can set up a newLISP server that’s ready to respond to a newLISP client with this command:

newlisp -c -d 1234

Your newLISP client can have code that sends a computing problem to be solved to the server:

(net-eval “localhost” 1234 “(+ 3 4)” 1000)

Or let’s say you had a farm of newLISP servers:


(set ‘result (net-eval ‘(
(“” 4711 {(+ 3 4)})
(“” 4711 {(+ 5 6)})
(“” 4711 {(+ 7 8)})
(“” 4711 {(+ 9 10)})
(“” 4711 {(+ 11 12)})
) 1000))

(println “result: ” result)


If the above example reminds you of Gearman, you get +12 points.