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End of the Bubble or Just a Correction?

I parsed the data at for startups in San Francisco. Crunchbase has a pretty easy to use API.

I wanted to see how much startup funding was coming into San Francisco. Was it close to the $20 million per day during the peak in 1999?

It turns out that the peak of this current technology boom happened last year and at current rates of investment we’re almost back to where we were 2 years ago.

	Year	                Per Day
2005	$231,850,000.00	          $635,205.48
2006	$505,934,000.00	        $1,386,120.55
2007	$762,064,970.00	        $2,087,849.23
2008	$1,320,579,950.00	$3,618,027.26
2009	$928,213,997.00	        $2,543,052.05
2010	$1,430,424,359.00       $3,918,970.85
2011	$2,807,900,000.00       $7,692,876.71
2012	$1,725,000,000.00       $6,738,281.25 (estimated year end projection)

Is it the end of the technology bubble or just a correction?

3 replies on “End of the Bubble or Just a Correction?”

It is quite deceptive of you to start the graph at 200 million rather than zero. It makes the drop in 2012 look larger than it really is.

I would attribute it to a “mobile burst.” While I’m basing this on my experience rather than any hard data, money was being thrown at mobile-centric companies who all wanted to be the first to market with an App. Now everyone who was concerned with being “first” has moved on to find a new frontier and we are back to a more sustainable rate.

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