Internet Speeds in Santa Monica and Westwood Suck

Internet speeds in Santa Monica and Westwood suck when you compare them to Kyrgyztan (14 mbp/s) or Latvia (24 mbp/s). Never mind that these areas in LA have economies that dwarf these two places.

The average speed in these areas seems to be at about 1.5 mbp/s in Westwood and 10 mbp/s in Santa Monica.

1.5 mbp/s is simply not acceptable in Westwood. 10 mbp/s is simply too slow in a town that prides itself on being the movie capitol of the world, especially for someone like James Cameron who has his offices there. Using a messenger to ship a DVD is still faster than using the bandwidth available there.

If West LA is to have a world class tech scene, we must have more bandwidth. More bandwidth is what allows a place like Silicon Valley to develop technologies first. A good example is AJAX, which sucks when most folks are on a modem. However, leveraging faster than average bandwidth allowed folks in Silicon Valley to learn this crucial technology / technique first.

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