Recruiting is Broken: The $2400 Face to Face Interview

by barce on June 13, 2011

I lost a week of billable last week. That’s how much it costs if you go all out and turn on the recruiter fire hose.

I got a face to face interview today. It was my $2400 face to face interview and I had to just turn it down because of the back log.

Right now my clients are less than happy, and now it’s a serious difficult march to get stuff done.

Now it’s great to be wanted, but to have that cost you money is pretty ridiculous. As a buyer, I shouldn’t have to spend money to buy what I want.

Recruiting is seriously broken. Only one recruiter really served my needs. The rest of them seriously wasted my time and their clients’ time.

What we need is technology to disrupt recruiting.

Who is in?

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