Quora’s Troll Proof Trade Off

by barce on April 18, 2011

I wrote an answer to a question using scientifically backed up data on Quora.

The result? My answer is totally at the bottom. Who’s on top? The Internet Famous.

Quora does a good job of giving you troll-proofed answers, but after Scoble burst onto Quora’s scene it’s not obvious that troll-proofing comes at the expense of a decent well-thought out answer with backed up data and a reputable reference.

So what is quora good for, or rather what’s in it for me? If I want a well-thought out, quotable sound byte that has to come from someone famous, this place is pretty much it. But if truth should, God forbid, come from someone like me still trying to make a name for himself, then ya, Convore is the place to be.

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Dave Doolin August 28, 2011 at 9:39 pm

Convore rocks.

But irc still reigns supreme for communication.

Authority is transitive. Build it in one area, it carries over to related areas effortlessly.

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