2008 Favorites

by barce on January 13, 2009

These things were just my absolute favorite in 2008.

  • Github – Do you want to see nice graphs about your current coding project? Do you want to invite friends to code with you? As a consultant, there wasn’t a major client that I didn’t use Github for this year.
  • The iPhone 3G – Thank you, thank you, Michael Parekh for saying that it’s the computer of the future and that you shouldn’t be developing for the web without it in mind.
  • Grokking what Gearman is about.
  • The Blogger.com SxSW gloves schwag. Ya, it was warm and rainy when Blogger.com passed these out but it was so good in the fall and winter!
  • Katy Perry’s song “Hot N Cold

Katy Perry on the Warped Tour

What were your favorites of 2008?

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